Its more than just art.
With our online playback feature,
its a living memory,

what are sound wave prints?

And how are ours different to anyone elses?

Any sound can be visualized, usually by a line with peaks which get higher as the sound get louder. Most sound wave prints and made by simply taking an image of this, and adding some colour.

We decided to take it a step further, and ended up going for a run. We've re-imagined the standard sound wave image into a full 360 degree circle, with various numbers of bars instead of a wavy line. Then we added high quality images, with overlays, 3D effects to make the sound wave stand out, and even introduced methods to allow online playback so you can listen to the original sound on any smartphone.

Even now we are still coming up with new and exciting way to make our prints even more magical, including are new range of augmented reality enabled prints (coming soon), which will always stand us apart from more basic prints.

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