28th September 2017

Online Playback

Our online playback feature allows you to listen to the audio used to create your sound wave print. You can choose to include a QR code which you can scan using the camera on any smartphone (free app required), contactless which allows you to just touch your print with any Android or Windows smart device with NFC to listen, or both QR and contactless.

Your file will be stored on a secure server, and can only be accessed via the QR code or contactless tag on your print. We guarantee access to your file for at least 20 years, so you can enjoy your print for many years to come.

To add our online playback feature to your next print, just select the type your would like from the drop down box on the product page.

At this time the contactless option is not compatible with Apple devices due to their restriction in NFC usage, but you can use the QR code option. A data connection is required.